Greetings oh wonderous ones,

I have a funny link for you, which will make more sense if you know a little of FaceBook. It’s as if the play Hamlet was recorded on FaceBook. Even if you only know a little of Hamlet, it is kinda cool.

Artwork awaits scanning, dearly beloveds, and awaits me revamping this very site! I am going to refresh word-based parts of the site with the help of Rebecca Leigh (freelance writer extraordinaire). As well as the 4 new lino pictures, I am considering offering serendipity card sets – mixed packs chosen by me, for those who find it hard to choose, but would like a stash of cards for the next few months. And some of the new stuff will be available as tshirts too. Lots of good thinking going on!

I shall leave you with another link that I have been meaning to give you for a while. It’s a blog post by Sonia Simone of Remarkable Communication, on how to beat a terrible horrible very bad mood in about an hour. I like it the way she describes a bad mood as burning up “…all your energy and (tying) up your mental bandwidth”. Sometimes it feels like that.

Take care,


Dear blog siblings,

Rebecca Leigh, the wonderful copywriter who wrote the text for my (Tangerine Meg Art Card shop) site has included my “pleased customer” comments on her updated site. I am chuffed!

Gardening update
Broccoli seedlings: happily settled in,
Strawberry Guava: happy,
Petunias: red (they really do seem to be the strongest colour) and happy, despite or because of being swamped with well-aged horse manure, and
Borage: happy. Hooray, happy not-dead plants!
I have also just installed some Chinese greens and mixed lettuce, some extra chives (we like them so much we need a couple of plants, and while I was at it I put in garlic ones too) and some perennial basil – yummy pesto here we come. I bought too much garlic to use just in cooking, so maybe I can plant some too. The annual basil that nearly died cos I took so long to get it from it’s little seedling pot to the ground and wasn’t too good at watering it either, has plucked up its basily courage and sprouted two new little leaves, so it will live! it will live! I gave Seasol and I believe that may have assisted.

I think my additions to the irrigation line to water everything helps, as well as my lovely washing rinse water. Take that, next years drought! (Hang on we are almost still in this years drought).

Next I am going to re-plant the old vegie patch into a fabulous patch of many kinds of berries. Yummy-doodles! I have just bought raspberry, 3 blueberry (Brigitta, Nellie Kelly and Sunshine Blue – haven’t they got nice names?), thornless youngberry (already know that grows well here) as well as jostaberries (a cross between blackcurrant and the gooseberry). I have again purchased kiwi fruit (1 male, 1 female) which is an act of optimism on my part, as the past 2 or 3 attempts have unfortunately resulted in kiwi fruit death by drought, sigh. The black- and rasp- berries that I already have by the metal fence get a bit cooked in summer, so I will see if I can make them a little more comfortable (and productive). Later I would love to have an understorey of strawberries.

I am busting to make some art. I have a few ideas scribbled onto old envelopes and some saved into a book. Some will be good lino prints, like  “TreeBeard” and others might be good done in Adobe “Illustrator” (ie. on the computer). Mum gave me a vintage cup and saucer, so that might make a good pen and ink drawing with beautiful watercolour colours.

Hope you are as well as well can be,