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I have a funny link for you, which will make more sense if you know a little of FaceBook. It’s as if the play Hamlet was recorded on FaceBook. Even if you only know a little of Hamlet, it is kinda cool.

Artwork awaits scanning, dearly beloveds, and awaits me revamping this very site! I am going to refresh word-based parts of the site with the help of Rebecca Leigh (freelance writer extraordinaire). As well as the 4 new lino pictures, I am considering offering serendipity card sets – mixed packs chosen by me, for those who find it hard to choose, but would like a stash of cards for the next few months. And some of the new stuff will be available as tshirts too. Lots of good thinking going on!

I shall leave you with another link that I have been meaning to give you for a while. It’s a blog post by Sonia Simone of Remarkable Communication, on how to beat a terrible horrible very bad mood in about an hour. I like it the way she describes a bad mood as burning up “…all your energy and (tying) up your mental bandwidth”. Sometimes it feels like that.

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Beware my friends, some of the following links may have you downloading and/or fascinated for hours:

What a great list for new mothers! Just the things to offer when someone you know has a new baby.

The short web/tv shows made by Daryl Hannah about all sorts of interesting world-wide green goings on are at her site: DH LoveLife. Can’t stop watching these engaging episodes. The next for me to watch is the second gorilla one.

America’s First Lady Mrs. Obama is getting a “kitchen garden” going at the White House. The link is to an article with more details and some of the plants listed. What a lovely simple gesture that could be very powerful.

The illustrated blog ‘Tiny Art Director” was recommended by a lovely woman blogger who says she laughs so much at it that milk comes out of her nose. Tiny Art Director is pictures by an illustrator with the comments his young daughter makes.

In my garden I am newly finding benefits and odours of “Dynamic Lifter” (chook manure) and “Seasol” (Seaweed/soluble?) after a horticultural-trained visitor helped me with some rose pruning and information. The roses are now blooming crazily, and there are certain new smells apparent outside the laundry door where the herbs are.

I have fine tuned my irrigation system a little bit, too. I have new octi-fountain-drippers, and have blocked off some now-misplaced ones (which were wasting water). Also inherited a 1500l water tank which needs some good thinking as to placement and plumbing. Planted a cherry/strawberry guava tree (between the pair of peaches and the left orange). I love planting trees.

Thanks for reading, take care of you,

Hooray! I’m back! Hope you have been safe, well and happy!

I have 2 links for you today:

1 A child ambassador talking to adults. I thought she spoke powerfully and was brave.

2  PR guru Paris Hilton also being very smart. The video she is replying to is also linked to at this post (which is by Word-of-Mouth marketing specialists Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba) at the Church of the Customer blog.

I have work in progress to tell you about next time.

Lots of fabulousness to you all,

Hello, friends,

Check out:
Trinny and Susannah (Girly site for fashion and figure type stuff, possibly not of interest to any male readers)
Lino Creative, an illustrator/artist/designer from Sydney (Australia) who does interesting, beautiful work.

Take care of yourselves you wonderful patient readers,

(Today is a public holiday in Australia for “Australia Day”)

You may note I have added an email feed, and a new blogroll category to this blog. I have just discovered more exciting printmaking sites, so I thought I would share them with you.

Have been looking and pondering other things on the interweb too:
Not sure whether to continue to build my own site (for sales) or to join Etsy, or can one do both? I will join Etsy as a buyer initially, I think. For those unfamiliar with Etsy it is a site for sales of handmade things and has millions of hits daily. I have discovered lots of beautiful things there today, from all over the world.

Squidoo is also interesting. Perhaps a printmaking-resources-on-the-web lens?

I am carving a banner-shaped strip of lino for a banner for my website. I decided it makes sense to have a lino print banner for a lino print site! It was really fun doing the backwards writing! Can’t wait to take a print.

My fabulous plum tree is like a living plum store outside the back door. The plums wait happily until we pick them. The season has lasted and lasted.

Thanks again for visiting!
Love Meg