Greetings oh wonderous ones,

I have a funny link for you, which will make more sense if you know a little of FaceBook. It’s as if the play Hamlet was recorded on FaceBook. Even if you only know a little of Hamlet, it is kinda cool.

Artwork awaits scanning, dearly beloveds, and awaits me revamping this very site! I am going to refresh word-based parts of the site with the help of Rebecca Leigh (freelance writer extraordinaire). As well as the 4 new lino pictures, I am considering offering serendipity card sets – mixed packs chosen by me, for those who find it hard to choose, but would like a stash of cards for the next few months. And some of the new stuff will be available as tshirts too. Lots of good thinking going on!

I shall leave you with another link that I have been meaning to give you for a while. It’s a blog post by Sonia Simone of Remarkable Communication, on how to beat a terrible horrible very bad mood in about an hour. I like it the way she describes a bad mood as burning up “…all your energy and (tying) up your mental bandwidth”. Sometimes it feels like that.

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Hello, friends,

Check out:
Trinny and Susannah (Girly site for fashion and figure type stuff, possibly not of interest to any male readers)
Lino Creative, an illustrator/artist/designer from Sydney (Australia) who does interesting, beautiful work.

Take care of yourselves you wonderful patient readers,

Hello you wonderful patient beings. Thanks heaps for coming.
Hurray! Today upload of brand new artwork:

Girl Welcoming Rain
This is the RainGirl I was only thinking of last time I wrote. She was inspired by a friend’s great idea of holding a RainDance event, and is really me although I don’t look like that. Appreciative of the first of (hopefully many) drops of rain, I am trying to forecast a happy near future!
It was fun doing this. I enjoyed working on the elongated rectangle lino, designing within that parameter. Also just the immediacy of the process on the smaller block (15cm x 30cm) gave a feeling of achievement (ie. It was smaller so I got it done quicker)! Also with the smaller block I was forced to Keep It Simple!
I haven’t yet coloured her with paint for print run yet, but have cropped and coloured with Photoshop for Tshirt design. RainGirl is available on Tshirts. This is how I have adapted her for on Ts:
waiting for the first precious drop
Update on weather (zone out now if it bores you): Cooler, but no rain (see above).
Update of weather/garden (stay zoned out if necessary): Still bucketing the washing water onto the fruit trees (including) phoenix-like female kiwi fruit vine, cranberry bush (stoic!) and 2 raspberry canes (which don’t seem to mind the heat/lack of water too much although the other 6 I planted with them are gone), as well as my Geraldton Wax (Australian native tree, which seems to have enough of a start now).
(Zone back in for short sign-off)
See you soon,

Hi guys,
Not much to report, but I thought I would at least check in and let you know that the cool change has come – what a relief! We had about 50 tiny drops of rain this afternoon, but not enough to get into the soil. It was enough, though, to get that nice smell of rain.
I found an interesting blog the other day: One of my favourites, Seth Godin (on the 17th of March) wrote a blog called “Why bother having a resume?”. It got me thinking.
Would you guys like a link to put your name to a petition to help Tibet? Also, for Australians here is a link to ask Mr Rudd to speak to the Chinese Government about the Tibet issue.
I was almost feeling too embarassed to write as I haven’t had time to do any painting. I have had a couple of nice ideas for new prints, though. One cat idea, of course, and one girl welcoming rain idea (on a tall piece of lino).
Hope all is well with you lovely blog-reading people,

Hello my favourite blog readers (if you are reading this, that’s you)!

Thanks for coming again. It’s STILL HOT! It’s night time and it’s still 27C (80.6F). Sorry to talk about the weather but it’s affecting me. I am sitting typing, and sweating. Yuck.

That new sign up/newsletter page of mine I mentioned, I think it may be having teething troubles.
By the way, anyone who has had a try: although it sends you to a thanks for signing up page, after that you will get a confirmation email; you need to click on that link and say ok. Then you get a green welcome email, and you’re on the list!
If it hasn’t worked I would appreciate you having another try, and also much appreciate you letting me know if it doesn’t work, as well.

Also due to rearranging of my web hosting if anyone has tried to email me it will have bounced back. Hopefully this is fixed now.

On the artwork front: Yesterday I made time to print off the flying lady print ready to do colour testing, and the cat/orchard prints to decide if it’s worth persuing. I think I won’t spend any more time, energy or paper on this particular cat print, it’s not working. I may use the special W&N (Winsor and Newton for those of you more recently arrived) anniversary blue (Smalt/Dumont’s Blue) to do the background of the lady one. Will paint, scan and show you very soon!

Take care of yourselves,

Dearest and best blog readers,

Hooray! I have a web site!
Well, at least a landing page, a sign up form, a thanks for signing up form, 2 external galleries, a blog, and 6 blog pages! Try it out: Tangerine Epiphany dot com. I have totally skewed my hits to this site due to testing my links and buttons!
Let me know what you reckon, and also if any of the buttons still don’t work properly (I’d appreciate that).
Sign up to the mailing list if you like. The newsletter won’t be a big annoying deal, just an occasional note on a (probably green) template to alert people to new artwork becoming available.

Hope all is going well for you,

Greetings lovely blog-reading humans!

I am pleased to tell you that I have scanned some paintings, and have uploaded them to redbubble (the site that sells digitally printed artwork, on t-shirts, cards and for wall art). Here’s a link to my work:

Buy art

I was very excited to find that my work has been featured on the front page of two of the groups I am in. Both the “Passion for patterns” group and the “Artwork Appreciation” group have me on the front page at the moment! I am flattered.

Just been out to some comedy for the Fringe Festival. Have laughed quite a bit, but now very tired!

Take care,