Hello Darling readers!

I have a cool link for you, a visual quiz: “Can you pick the real Picasso?” I got them all right, I am both proud and relieved to tell you! Let me know how you go in the comments section, or on my Tangerine Meg Facebook page.

Hooray! I have new t-shirts available on Red Bubble! Butterfly Garden, Goblet Still Life and Still Life with bee fabric are now available as t-shirts. Time honoured favourites are still available as Ts too: Rainbow Lady and Rain Girl.


Joining them is this new/old, bold but softly coloured, sunflower design print! You too can have a memento by means of the magic of Print on Demand at Red Bubble. It was made by either a reduction block or 2 blocks. Let me know if you can fathom which it was. That’s not a quiz by the way – I just can’t remember, doh!

Take care of yourselves, dear petals,


Great news, Lovelies!
I have realised that the ready date for my new designs should coincide nicely with the SALA Goodwood market. So that shall be their official launch!
Have been keeping up well with running, and rather overdosing on OpShopping.
Keep well this cold spell,

Hello dear readers,

My bokashi (indoor Japanese compost) buckets are working I believe. They smell sweet, have no insects buzzing around them, and I got my first bokashi juice to use on the weekend. (This may sound strange but was way exciting for me!) To use as fertiliser it’s a teaspoonful per bucket of water and so I watered in my new seedlings with that mix (previously-mentioned herbs plus 3 rainbow chard); also put some neat down the drain to clear it. That appears to have made a difference as well.

New artwork on the way. Have made progress on my SALA animation. It’s called “Bloom where you’re planted” and is a very short simple film to be projected on a specific wall during a Moving Images walking tour (not til August). I will upload to YouTube once it has been screened at the Festival. Also a “Making Of…” could be an even shorter video for YouTube!

New printmaking coming up! I had a lovely time buying new paints, lino and paper last Friday. The potential of the lovely little tubes of colour (and clean big paper, and fresh new lino) is quite uplifting.

Talking of uplifting: Michael Franti and Spearhead on e-Town! Download the podcast, and try to stop yourself from singing, dancing and clapping along while you run, walk or commute!! (It was an encore performance but I hadn’t heard it before). Loved it. Luckily not too populated where I go running!

July LiveTown performers confirmed. Join the mailing list if you want to get email flyers, otherwise subscribe to the blog. (Mostly relevant for Adelaide locals).

Hope you are having a wonderful time,
Meg (the verbose (today))

Hey DearHearts!

I need to modify a promise I made to you about talking about the weather! I said I wouldn’t talk at all about it unless it got extreme again. It seems that if I totally avoid the topic I have cut off that way to set the scene simply. I started to get bogged down not knowing at all what to write to you, how to start etc.
So I would like to change it to: I will not to whinge in an extended way about the weather, unless it becomes extreme.

Here goes! Yesterday I went for about a 5k run (3.1 mile) run (jog?) in rain so fine it was barely more than a mist. It was like that most of the time and I didn’t really get very wet. It was an interesting experience.
I am finding my jogs easier as I get stronger with circus training. In class I am even starting to learn to do beginners chin-ups!

I got to do some lino print design on Tuesday. Hooray! I had become a little disheartened, thinking I had no knack for it anymore; now it has dawned on me that any work I have done that I or anyone likes, has had more than one go to get to looking as it does, whether (the other kind (!)) at the design, cutting, printing, paper choice or colour choice stage.
So am progressing bearing in mind that it is a process of fine-tuning and time, patience and re-working. Then absolutely POUNCING on it when it works and going with it!

Keep well. Thanks for reading,

Howdy, co-inhabitants of Bloggiverse!
(Like Buffy-verse but with less Buffys and more bloggers)

My lovely friends and music teachers, Kevin and Janice Tuck have some music teaching sites and blogs which I have added to my blog roll. Check it out if this may be useful to you.

Great Lino-printing tutorial by Lemonlight! She has different ink, so does things a little differently with the ink to me, but very well described (with plenty of pictures!).

South Australian Living Artists festival coming in August. Need to register by end of April. Am deciding if I would like to be involved.
View Luku’s work “My Keeping Cup” (beautiful animation). He is the co-ordinator of the Moving Image part of the Living Artists festival.

Change This has another set of manifestos out, I haven’t read them all yet but my favourite so far is: Freak Factor.

See you next blogging increment,

I have been busy dear readers!

At last I have scanned the artwork (bigger than for on this blog) for my Tangerine Meg Etsy shop. All of the prints I have been rabbiting on about here are available as an original print from me! I will personally package them up and post it to you anywhere in the world!

The only remaining pieces of the puzzle are to upload my free email newsletter sign up form onto my site, and make a couple more blog pages for the rest of the info.

Hope all is well with you,

Greetings friends in the world of blog! I seem to be wordy today.

I have had little I-can-move-forward type breakthroughs in thinking about my web-site. The site has been percolating on my mental back-burner, and now it’s starting to make its way to the front burner (?!).
1 Have been reading great info from Seth Godin, and what a relief to read the words: “…don’t even have a homepage!” (from Knock Knock – Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site that works). (Download for free from Seth’s Squidoo lens (site)). Prior to reading that I was pondering and pondering what could go on this apparently essential page, but the concept of not actually having a “home” page makes sense to me. I now feel as if I can progress with my site. More on this later.
2 The other decision I have made is instead of re-inventing the wheel and having gallery, sales, paypal etc all coded into my own site, I am going to see what happens if I try to sell (the artwork) on Etsy. To get closer to that today I went to the Post Office to check out insured postage costs all around the world, and also uploaded A Cat named Magpie to my brand new Etsy shop today.
So all that time I thought I was wasting on the internet on the weekend came to be happily and unexpectedly fruitful as I realised it was in fact research!
I can still keep artwork progress and archives here at the blog or on the “site”.

Numbers 3, 4, and 5 are all prints.
I have made an trial of the 2 prints I was working on. And here I have to show you (drumroll…) the first ever view of the print for my site banner (tada!):

tangerine epiphany banner

(I may yet add colour to this.)
As I need to re-scan everything big for the Etsy site, while I am at it I will also scan the other new work to show you.
Hope all is well with you,