Greetings and welcome to this page. Added to intermittently, it will be about an ongoing series of work with joyous characters in it.

Joy Riding

This piece of work has a lady in a heart-patterned dress riding on a black cat through the orange flowers, black and white butterflies accompany her. (That’s pretty much what I wrote on the alt tag!) Actual size is about 33cm across by 25cm in height.

“Joy Riding”

Tree People

1 of 9 “Tree People” (big)

This image (and the process to arrive at it) is also in the ongoing blog, and the actual print is 20cm x 30cm.
Sales of print editions are through Tangerine Meg Etsy shop. Sales of digitally printed work is through Tangerine Meg at Red Bubble. They are both also in my blogroll (Meg Stuff).
Rain Girl
Below is Girl Welcoming Rain (15cm x 30cm). Hope you like the mixed pattern outfit! I find her bright colours stand out cheerily against the stormy sky. She also appears without background as a t-shirt design at Red Bubble.
appreciative anticipation

appreciative anticipation

Those of us experiencing droughts more frequently know what it is like to really want the rains to come!

I appreciate your interest and welcome feedback.
My email is (or leave a comment on this blog).

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