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Greetings oh wonderous ones,

I have a funny link for you, which will make more sense if you know a little of FaceBook. It’s as if the play Hamlet was recorded on FaceBook. Even if you only know a little of Hamlet, it is kinda cool.

Artwork awaits scanning, dearly beloveds, and awaits me revamping this very site! I am going to refresh word-based parts of the site with the help of Rebecca Leigh (freelance writer extraordinaire). As well as the 4 new lino pictures, I am considering offering serendipity card sets – mixed packs chosen by me, for those who find it hard to choose, but would like a stash of cards for the next few months. And some of the new stuff will be available as tshirts too. Lots of good thinking going on!

I shall leave you with another link that I have been meaning to give you for a while. It’s a blog post by Sonia Simone of Remarkable Communication, on how to beat a terrible horrible very bad mood in about an hour. I like it the way she describes a bad mood as burning up “…all your energy and (tying) up your mental bandwidth”. Sometimes it feels like that.

Take care,


Hi there super-folk!

The heatwave is over in Adelaide (for now), but many in Victoria many are suffering still. There are massive bushfires with much death and much destruction. I have little to complain about with a few crispy sunburnt plants in my garden being the worst of it. I was thinking I would book in to give blood, and maybe go to a fundraising dance tomorrow night.

My original intention for this blog, ie. art in progress, will be manifesting today. Hooray! I didn’t realise that it would be something I was able to attend to so intermittantly. However during my lack of mentioning it I have in fact managed to design and carve 3 lino prints which await the printing press and the excitement of their first print. I hope you have been fed well enough with my web links, green activities, stilt-walking efforts and other musings in between seasons!

I have lino block (or “matrix”) to show you:

autumn fairy

autumn fairy

The top of the lino is isn’t really cut off, it’s just that the lino is too big for the scanner glass, and the scanner stopped talking to the computer before I could do the top edge and photoshop them together. You get the jist though, right? She is is flying, flowy and swirly. I like the little curlicues at the ends of her hair.

Keeping my eye on my (crazy busy) timetable for an opportunity to borrow a friend’s press (the success rate of the prints is SO much higher) and print some off.
Part of the reason I am crazy busy is that I am going to be doing a little bit of circus in the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and this requires extra training sessions. This seems to clash with everything! I am not going to also try to master stilt-walking by then. I am going to progress at my own (slow) rate, and maybe join in with it next year. And try to be gentle on myself for not “getting it” faster. Lucky me it’s not an essential skill for existance!!

Be well,

Hi there Oh Great Breathing Wonders of the World!

I am excited about my first stall with my new Art Cards next week. Being my first market with this product I am unsure how many to make so am making several hundred and also taking order forms for if I run out. That may of course turn out to be overkill, but better too many than too few I guess!

Amongst all the preparation, I have somehow managed to carve out time (haha) to almost finish carving out the lino block for the Autumn Fairy. I have brilliant new Micador lino tools! High quality, with lovely adult-hand-sized handles and SHARP! A whole lot of physical tension associated with carving lino just disappeared.
The lino block (is she an angel or a fairy? stay tuned..) is almost ready to have a trial print. That’s exciting too. I am quite in the mood to do a Christmas Fairy next, for Christmas ’09 of course!

Incidentally, just bought a diary for next year, which showed me in black and white the extreme likelihood of 2009 being followed by 2010. Wow. Note to self: Don’t look at 2010 forward planning page of diary for a couple of months.

Adelaide readers, I would love to see you at the Goodwood Christmas Market next Saturday, 9am-3pm. Come say “Hi!”

Take care,

Hello fellow earth dwellers!

In our part of the world we are coming to the tail end of the loquat (first fruit) season, and moving into the berry ripening season. I have a fence-full of beautiful gradually ripening Youngberries. Yum!

Beside the road I picked up someone’s old junk to become our new junk. It’s a strong mesh stapled (strongly) to (strong) stakes. It will be perfect for the raspberries to be affixed to next year when they are bigger, and hopefully weighted down with fruit!

In Art in Progress news I am carving the Autumn Fairy at last! you might remember I had to start over cos the design wasn’t right. I think this second attempt will be much more flowy (suitble for a fairy in a windy season).

Be well,

Hey co-travellers-of-earth! I hope you are having a happy weekend.

I have been working on setting up my Card Shop site: organising e-junkie buttons, shopping cart and shipping settings. The reason I am stoked is I have just figured out how to give free shipping to orders over 9 items…without accidentally giving 100% discount on the whole order or some other unwanted variable possibility. If I have a “re-seller” badge on the site, I can personalise my shopping cart page with my own banner. I am still reading about further customising of the Thanks page etc. While I was trying it out I discovered if people want to pay by credit card (cos I couldn’t pay for my trial order with my own PayPal details) they can do that too, by not logging on to PayPal, but instead going around it and keying in their address etc.

My brain jumped over a little mountain! Extra stokedness as I didn’t quite beleive I would be able to work this out when I went to bed last night, but it seems morning brain can do what night brain can’t do. Hooray!

Incidentally, great news about Mr Obama!

Good health, and May the Force be with You,

Greetings artsy types! & others who don’t consider themselves “artsy types” but live pretty creatively none the less,

News just in: I freshened up the blog banner, which I am pleased about. Do you think I should grunge up the green a bit to match the WordPress colour better? And, on my Happy People Prints page I finally uploaded the painted RainGirl print. The poor dear had been languishing in black and white.

Also exciting: My new CardShop site coming soon. When not blogging I am busy at work updating links, checking domain names, re-doing buttons as well as making the site. Will let you know when it’s all “live”. Then you can scamper over and keep me even busier with card orders! I am going to offer free postage for orders over a certain (as yet undecided) quantity.

The bank (Credit Union) have decided that “the computer says no” to giving me money for a car. So I have resolved to see it as a favour, and have started making lists of how I might be able to manage all my car-tasks without a car. And it sounds like it could be fun! I’m talking scooters, hiring taxis, borrowing cars, getting a trailer for my bicycle and more. It all sounds good. Queries involve carrying gear around and inclement weather.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Kind wishes to you,

Hi Lovelies!

Today: a link to a product which I have been part of making (just so you know I haven’t totally been lazy, even though I haven’t been progressing the printmaking). It’s downloadable printable music theory lessons, for music teachers or substitute teachers taking music lessons, at about Grade 8 level. So if that is you, or if you know someone who might need such a thing, it’s a handy website/product. It’s also in my blog roll.

While we are talking about work I have done, I am currently trying to do webby technical stuff to my card site to make it suitable for people to visit. Also I have 12 designs but only like 6 on the site so far. Also Tangerine Epiphany is really hard to type in, so I have purchased…much better! Will keep you updated on that.

Along the way I am learning more about SEO (search engine optimisation) so hopefully that will help get some visitors. I bought the Itty Biz SEO Ninja ebook. That link is to a pretty long blog post but if the book interests you there is a “buy now” button at the end.

I am loving the warm spring weather; running or riding in the mornings enjoying all the flowers, and the weird and wonderful spring scents waftin’ around. Now the vegies will be extra grateful for getting watered I guess. All my plants get washing machine rinse water enhanced with bokashi compost magic. Lucky them! I can see the luxuriant growth.

Hope you guys are enjoying your lives,

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