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Hello Darling readers!

I have a <strong>cool link</strong> for you, a <a href=”;h=2AlgU&amp;u=igzxR&amp;ref=nf”>visual quiz: “Can you pick the real Picasso?</a>” I got them all right, I am both proud and relieved to tell you! Let me know how you go in the comments section, or on my <a href=”″>Tangerine Meg Facebook page</a>.

<strong>Hooray! I have new t-shirts available on Red Bubble!</strong> <a href=””>Butterfly Garden,</a> <a href=””>Goblet Still Life</a> and <a href=”Still Life with bee fabric”>Still Life with bee fabric</a> are now available as t-shirts. Time honoured favourites are still available as Ts too: <a href=””>Rainbow Lady</a> and <a href=””>Rain Girl</a>.

<img title=”sunflowersmall” src=”; alt=”sunflowersmall” width=”170″ height=”165″ />

Joining them is this new/old, bold but softly coloured, <a href=””>sunflower design</a> print! You can have a momento too, by means of the magic of Print on Demand at Red Bubble. It was made by either a reduction block or 2 blocks. Let me know if you can fathom which it was. That’s not a quiz by the way – I just can’t remember, doh!

Take care of yourselves, dear petals,

Great news, Lovelies!
I have realised that the ready date for my new designs should coincide nicely with the SALA Goodwood market. So that shall be their official launch!
Have been keeping up well with running, and rather overdosing on OpShopping.
Keep well this cold spell,

Hello Dear Ones,

How could I write a blog post (yesterday) listing the things I love, and not include making artwork?!

You can see card art at my Tangerine Meg art card shop or as original prints (like for framing for your own wall, or gifts for occasions such as weddings, special birthdays etc) at my Tangerine Meg etsy shop.

I am excited to also have new work in progress, including one I haven’t even mentioned or even scanned in the lino to show you yet.

Have fun,

Dear siblings of the bloggiverse!

I hope you are having a good week. Here is some lovely linky food for thought.

Don’t you think this crocheted reef project is a beautiful thing? Despite it’s resemblance to coral reef it doesn’t function so, of course. And we can’t make reef. It’s a wonderful artistic way to draw attention to the beauty and the plight. To remind us what we are lucky to have.

Another green link, to some Lights On/Lights Off Earth Hour photos. Starting from the 2nd one, you can click on each photo to see the before and during shots. Imagine how much energy we could conserve if we did this more frequently! Or dare I say it? …we turned off non-essential lighting a LOT of the time!

Days with my Father is a complete story/picture site. The pictures are large so you may have to adjust or scroll around with your browser. Touching and beautifully done, like a lovely book.

I just received in the post some georgeous adults felt slippers from HeartFelt. If you go check out the site you will see that she has slippers and other woolly things as well as sponsors kids in Nepal. I have just opened my parcel and these are officially my new Happy Slippers. I am wearing them for the sheer joy of it even though it is a warm day here!

I feel as though showing you these links is like the classic children’s party game: Pass the parcel. I find something cool on a blog or site I have looked at, and then I show you guys. You unwrap a layer and pass it on. We all get a little present.

Thanks for coming to my party!
Take care of yourself, and let’s take care of this place,

Dear hale and hearty chummies! (That thar sounded a little piratey)

My peach tree had been manifesting – ever since blossom time last spring – 3 dear peaches, hiding them under it’s leaf coverage, and unbenownst to me until yesterday. What at clever tree!

Bruise update: Bruise is progressing through the rainbow colours and stages slowly but surely. Am convinced that the arnica cream is mitigating the situation. I won’t be photographing those dear knees for a blog picture!
Stilt walking update: Baby steps without holding hand or edges. I am proud of that. Now I just need to lift my knees up higher, take slightly bigger steps (toddler or pre-schooler steps?) and match the steps with arm swings.

Lots of good things to you,

… or Talking about Walking.

Hello Dear Ones,

I have been, and am, thinking about walking. This has been brought on by more attempts at walking on stilts.

When I did the “learn how” bit (about 3 months ago) I got the idea at first but then I kind of lost my nerve. Now I am going to short practise sessions to try to build ability/confidence. In between I have been thinking about walking.

I guess at one point in life I could crawl only, not walk (I don’t consciously remember this!) The lure of walking must have been strong enough to get me up into the walking plane. Scary, yet exciting. The call of the 3rd dimension. Now, if I trust the stilts (I do, I put them on nice and tight), and I can do the walking action (with the higher knee lifting), then it should be a mental exercise to be able to walk among the higher air. There just seems so much space around to fall into. What will call me as an adult? Conquering the skill, conquering the fear?
And why do I not have those falling fears on the trapeze? Oh, the gravity of gravity.

Maybe since it is night-time here, I will walk the web instead and see where I could buy me a pair of stilts whilst remaining comfortably seated.

Will keep you posted,
Take care!

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