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Greetings, Petals!

I hope you will bear with me during my site overhaul. Apologies if some of the writing is A BIT HUGE, or if some of the elements aren’t quite displaying consistently. Trained technicians will be dealing with this as soon as possible! And I am in the middle of changing the colours around too.

Great news! I am going to be doing a special regular “List” kind of feature, about every 2 weeks I’m guessing. It’s yet to be named, but will have tons of fun ideas – or is it tuns of fon ideas? – for getting, noticing or keeping art, colour, and joy in your life. Let me know if you have thoughts on this in the comments section below.

I have been busy in a few arenas…. Now I have a “Page” on FaceBook. Here is my badge:
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Tangerine Meg

Last night I attended a dancing class. Step, step, step. Twirl, twirl, twirl. I admit I got a little bit dizzy. Maybe I do need to do the “log” and “egg” rolls during circus warm-up, to acclimatise myself to the motion.

Garden news: The blueberry plants have buds – potential berries, hooray! And with all the rain, the grass is just about taking over. Oranges are ripening on the tree – success! I hope it’s not too late to plant fruit trees, but I think the optimum time has passed. At the growers market I have been buying wonderful pistachio nuts, roasted, salted, and GROWN LOCALLY!

I am being a ScannerMonkey and organising scans of all the latest artwork, so New Stuff is not far away!

Take care,


Hi there, happy humans!

Hope you are well and thriving. Just a short post today to keep in touch!

We got some beautiful rain! Hoorah! Hooray! The ponds at the park have gone from cracked desert bowls back to full watery ponds. And the ducks are back. I don’t know where they were, but I’m glad they’re back.

I am learning a “Drop” on the trapeze! SO excited! A drop is when you let go from one position and fall safely to another. 2 weeks ago it hadn’t crossed my mind that this could happen anytime soon.

If you can, go to the movie “The Boat that Rocked”. I went last night (late), and loved it. It’s M-rated and is made by Working Title Films. It’s a fun (with drama) romp through about a year of the 60s, when popular music was barely played on land based radio stations, and a big radio station ship was set up off-shore from Britain to play rock and pop music. Half the population of Britain would tune in. A good story with plenty of colour and laughs, a little nudity, a few swears, great performances, and really well edited and otherwise put together. Not to spoil but I was hanging on and with bated breath at the end. Music was of course fantastic.

See you soon,
Love Meg

Dear fine and fabulous readers,

We did our Fringe show run of 5 shows over 2 days, the first being a preview. Our coach said we did “…pretty well”.

I found it a strange cycle of warming up, 3 minutes of focussing, activity & effort followed by playing a part in the finale, and then an hour and a half of refuelling/chatting/ time-passing! Repeat. (And on the Saturday, repeat again).

I found the being-in-front-of-audience experience very different to the recent parade, and wasn’t constantly & overwhelmingly mortified this time. It was easier having something to do that I knew I could do! We had lights and smoke effects and applause. The applause was rewarding and we ran off smiling.

Overall it was fun, and personally, it was an achievement. I feel more confident and am physically stronger thanks to all the training.

My next project is to have a street stall at the pre-Easter market on Saturday. So today I need to check my Art Card stock, make sure I have business cards, an email sign up book, change, and my laminated “off-line web page” sheets!

I am desperate to print the next 3 lino blocks, which are inertly waiting. Here is a scan of one:

Block for 3 Pears print

Block for 3 Pears print

This will be reversed when printed, of course. I am impatiently anticipating doing the painting. Can’t wait to show you.

Hey – what do you guys think? Should I have an etsy shop for cards as well as my own web site, as well as an etsy shop for the original prints?

I have a private animation project that will be getting priority before I take on any big new things. Some friends are after web sites and whatnot, that shall be next, and we have a new module of music games we would like to get out in the first half of this year.

My ongoing “life activity” goals are to keep training enough to stay feeling fit and strong (tonight I am mixing it up and going to a dance class); and to reduce driving – cos for a month or so I have always been short on time and dependant on the car.

And music events shall be a part of this year too. I am looking forward to that as well. And rehersing to be in a singing group maybe.

Take care,

Dear happy campers, I have a random mix of snippets for you today,

If you haven’t had a look at the short film “Validation” yet, I would recommend you do so. I linked to it on YouTube in my last post. It makes me smile every time I watch it. (That comment will make even more sense to you after watching as well!)

Knee update: Healing nicely. Arnica cream, aloe vera gel, and treating them with a bit of kindness is getting them back to happy.

A TV trivia link for you: 63 reasons to keep watching Heroes. The airing dates will be ok for American readers/watchers, will be out of sync for Aussies.

Keep cool (if in Oz) or keep warm (if in North parts of Earth – can’t believe I am looking at photos of snow while drinking iced water),

Hello sweet readers! Greetings from my world!

Indeed I fell.

Was a legitimate fall (not a getting older “having-a-fall” fall) over an uneven paver join on a non-usual route. Somehow I rolled a little as my adrenalin-think was “this is going to hurt unless I can mitigate it with say? a roll”. I said a swear. I scraped my knees and the bases of my hands. Stingy. Jolty. Got up and kept running.

The relevance of all this is: Maybe a fall from standing height (with some forwards momentum, not hugely much but more than on steppy stilts!!!) onto rough pavement will make me less concerned about falling whilst stepping on stilts onto indoor floor. Maybe. I think it is going to be a matter of practice.

Look after your healths: mental, physical, heart,

Hey there blog fans!

Hope the New Year has started well for you.

Warm day for a run. And it’s bin day. Didn’t notice most of the time, but occasionally I passed through a big wafty cloud of invisible Bin Smell. Reminded me that the more we can compost and bokashi and use worms so the organic matter doesn’t go to landfill, the better!
I have been using the bokashi compost, keeping a lot of green waste out of my landfill bin, getting litres of brown bokashi fertiliser juice and plenty of organic dig-in matter for enriching the soil.

You know I am a fan of the Farmers Market, right? (My local is the Adelaide Showgrounds one, 9 til 1 on Sundays) Even more so after getting a membership for my birthday and reading Animal Vegetable Miracle (by Barbara Kingsolver)! Over the little Christmas break I bought some potting soil and soil wetter stuff, and filled up some pots I had sitting around. This week I purchased some lovely herbs at the Farmers Market. Now in the big pots along with my Christmas herbs (Thai Mint and Wavy purple basil) are thriving Common Mint, Spearmint (the leaf is smaller and it smells even sweeter), Stevia, Marjoram and Pineapple Sage (yummy – just smells like icy summer drinks should taste).

I bought the book “Lucky Man” by Michael J. Fox (link to book on Amazon) when I was away for a couple of days. (I must have really been in holiday mode cos it seems like a while since I pottered around book shops and decided I would purchase an actual book!) I really enjoyed reading it. Here’s a link to Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Research site if you want to check it out.

Will organise some scanning time and give you a lino print update soon.
Warm wishes,

Hello DearHearts,

Went for a “Christmas Run” this morning. There’s a great waterwise garden along the way which, amongst other things, has cacti. This morning and on Tuesday I saw fabulous, quite enormous (as big as a blooming saucer) cactus flowers, blossoming at the tops of the cactus trunks. They were wonderful to behold, almost joyous in their fullery. They made me smile!

Take care Beauties!

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