Me and some women friends were lucky enough to have wedding henna done for us on Friday by the wonderful Humna Mustafa at her Diya Studios in Norwood. Here are some pictures I took on the day, and I will upload the rest when I get them.

This is a ‘trail’ design on the inner arm.


A trail design centred on the wrist.henna2

A ‘trail’ design along a finger. This friend also had specky nails done the same day! Sparkly!


This is part of my large bridal henna, just painted. I adore this, it’s so beautiful.


And a circular design, centred on the back of the hand.


We had a lovely time being nurtured by Humna gifting us with her art. Thank you Humna, we loved it!


Hello Darling readers!

I have a cool link for you, a visual quiz: “Can you pick the real Picasso?” I got them all right, I am both proud and relieved to tell you! Let me know how you go in the comments section, or on my Tangerine Meg Facebook page.

Hooray! I have new t-shirts available on Red Bubble! Butterfly Garden, Goblet Still Life and Still Life with bee fabric are now available as t-shirts. Time honoured favourites are still available as Ts too: Rainbow Lady and Rain Girl.


Joining them is this new/old, bold but softly coloured, sunflower design print! You too can have a memento by means of the magic of Print on Demand at Red Bubble. It was made by either a reduction block or 2 blocks. Let me know if you can fathom which it was. That’s not a quiz by the way – I just can’t remember, doh!

Take care of yourselves, dear petals,

And I need to take on my own suggestion (ie. bloom where I am planted, or in this case where my animation is planted) and not get stressed about a silver, self-cleaning toilet block that sprung up in the time between choosing the wall for my site-specific animation and the date for the SALA walking tour with projector transported on a special bike.

This is what the wall looked like when I chose it (note the big pole in left foreground):

wall near new bus station

wall near new bus station

and this is it now:

wall with new shiny development

wall with new shiny entity

This is a picture of where the resourceful team were able to project the animated 80 seconds through between the shiny silver construction and the big pole:

Resourcefully found projection position

Resourcefully found projection position

Here is the link to how my work looked on the wall. Thanks Doll Yoko for the photo and for putting the photo on your art/free & open source software/politics website. I appreciate it.

Will let you know when I have figured out how to post the animation to YouTube, and you can have a look.

I just noticed I’m actually not complaining, I just thought it was all an interesting development and outcome, and a personalised side story I was able to add to the mosaic.

The walk as a whole was really great. Well organised, well presented, well-chosen matches of film to the various locations. People were great to work with, beyond the call of duty helpfulness. (Thanks for the font-save Luku!)

By the way, at the “Duck Park” down the street the happy ducks have 7 ducklings, growing up fast!


Greetings fellow inhabiters of BlogWorld,

During July and August I am happy (and encouraged) to say that some of my printmaking work has gone to good homes, some locally, some via Air Mail.

As of today, I have also updated my Tangerine Meg etsy shop listings to include some new prints that are printed, painted and available.
For this here blog, I have fresh uploads too, which need a new theme maybe (as they are neither “Happy People” nor “Cat Prints”). They are a dove, mandarins etc, with pears to follow. Hmmm…How about Nature As Design Element? Too long perhaps? …Now I’ve decided, it’s called Design from Nature; feel welcome to have a look at my simple new page.
The next updating needs to be my own card shop. Will let you know when that is done.

More details later on my SALA screening that I mentioned a few weeks ago. I will tell the whole story when I get a link to a particular photo someone took.

Wishing you peace,

Hello (maybe) arty (probably) bloggy (pretty sure you’re) humans (no offence to any other reading sentients or entities, all welcome)!

Firstly, I will give you a link to gouache at artslice which simply explains the difference between gouache and watercolours, and has a nice photo.

I am working on painting some prints. It is so lovely painting yellow, cadmium yellow to be exact (yummy-doodles). The smooth stroke of the brush and the colour materialises like liquid shiny sunshine. I just got the feeling to tell you that; in reality all of the colours give me a buzz, and when you put them next to each other…glee!

I was sorting out some prints and in doing so realised how many times I had printed “Joy Riding” in order to get the 9 that printed cleanly and blackly enough to be an edition. I counted them: 11 + the 9 good ones, + 3 APs (Artists Proofs – trials of progressing prints, in this case used to trial colours), so that’s 23. Crikey, it is a good thing I changed my mind from wanting to do an edition of 15!

I have changed track with Joy Dancing Within, remember her? I have been to-ing and fro-ing with the colour plan. The colour schemes (“stories” in fashion lingo) were originally to try to get the dress to stand out and contrast with the background. Now I am taking another tack, and intergrating the whole thing with lots of different greens, and maybe a sunny yellow background(!).

Quote of the day (attributed to Madonna): “The best thing about getting older is getting smarter”.

Keep your glass half full,

Dear fabulous blog readers,

Hope you have had a good weekend.
I was lucky to have the LiveTown music night, a visit to a cool energy-efficient farm and also my dental work went well. Friends bought some of my new cards, and gave encouraging feedback, which was lovely.

I will give you the link when my LiveTown review blog post goes up. (Just need to add picture/s)

Have a great week, you guys,

Hello dear readers,

My bokashi (indoor Japanese compost) buckets are working I believe. They smell sweet, have no insects buzzing around them, and I got my first bokashi juice to use on the weekend. (This may sound strange but was way exciting for me!) To use as fertiliser it’s a teaspoonful per bucket of water and so I watered in my new seedlings with that mix (previously-mentioned herbs plus 3 rainbow chard); also put some neat down the drain to clear it. That appears to have made a difference as well.

New artwork on the way. Have made progress on my SALA animation. It’s called “Bloom where you’re planted” and is a very short simple film to be projected on a specific wall during a Moving Images walking tour (not til August). I will upload to YouTube once it has been screened at the Festival. Also a “Making Of…” could be an even shorter video for YouTube!

New printmaking coming up! I had a lovely time buying new paints, lino and paper last Friday. The potential of the lovely little tubes of colour (and clean big paper, and fresh new lino) is quite uplifting.

Talking of uplifting: Michael Franti and Spearhead on e-Town! Download the podcast, and try to stop yourself from singing, dancing and clapping along while you run, walk or commute!! (It was an encore performance but I hadn’t heard it before). Loved it. Luckily not too populated where I go running!

July LiveTown performers confirmed. Join the mailing list if you want to get email flyers, otherwise subscribe to the blog. (Mostly relevant for Adelaide locals).

Hope you are having a wonderful time,
Meg (the verbose (today))

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