eyes over nasturtiums

Hello Lovely Interested people! Tangerine Meg here!
The blog/site is going to work like this:

It was started to be a personal story about lino-printing and design/art process, progress and projects, and to include thematic pages about cat prints, joyous people prints and Design from Nature. As that seems to happen in bursts I will also fill you in about other things that are happening; I will meander around other subjects, including the weather (please no, too exciting!), seasonal and garden observations, cool web finds, inspiring quotes and random stuff!

This blog and pages will function alongside the Tangerine Meg CardShop site (soon to exist!), the Tangerine Meg shop at Etsy (gallery and sales of anything handmade including original prints in my case) & the Tangerine Meg shop at Red Bubble (digitally printed artwork).

My work at Red Bubble will be work specially designed for printing digitally and will be different artworks to those at the Etsy shop, though you will certainly see similar themes! Red Bubble do cards, wall art, t-shirts and also have written work. Currently I have 2 t-shirt designs there.

About Tangerine Meg:
Studied drawing, painting, design and printmaking from childhood onwards, when older learned Graphic Design (twice) and Animation. Enjoy yoga, running, walking, circus training (you can enjoy something you’re not that great at, right?), gardening and trying to be green (like help the environment, not like Kermit!)

All the best to you!


2 Responses to “About Tangerine Meg”

  1. I found you with the random blog surf button. Nice tone here: I’m gonna blogroll ya!

    1. tangerinemeg Says:

      Took me a while but I have finally made a new blog category and have linked to you too!
      While your dogs are frolicking in snow we in Australia are having a bit of a heatwave!
      Take care.

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