Hello Darling readers!

I have a cool link for you, a visual quiz: “Can you pick the real Picasso?” I got them all right, I am both proud and relieved to tell you! Let me know how you go in the comments section, or on my Tangerine Meg Facebook page.

Hooray! I have new t-shirts available on Red Bubble! Butterfly Garden, Goblet Still Life and Still Life with bee fabric are now available as t-shirts. Time honoured favourites are still available as Ts too: Rainbow Lady and Rain Girl.


Joining them is this new/old, bold but softly coloured, sunflower design print! You too can have a memento by means of the magic of Print on Demand at Red Bubble. It was made by either a reduction block or 2 blocks. Let me know if you can fathom which it was. That’s not a quiz by the way – I just can’t remember, doh!

Take care of yourselves, dear petals,