Greetings artsy types! & others who don’t consider themselves “artsy types” but live pretty creatively none the less,

News just in: I freshened up the blog banner, which I am pleased about. Do you think I should grunge up the green a bit to match the WordPress colour better? And, on my Happy People Prints page I finally uploaded the painted RainGirl print. The poor dear had been languishing in black and white.

Also exciting: My new CardShop site coming soon. When not blogging I am busy at work updating links, checking domain names, re-doing buttons as well as making the site. Will let you know when it’s all “live”. Then you can scamper over and keep me even busier with card orders! I am going to offer free postage for orders over a certain (as yet undecided) quantity.

The bank (Credit Union) have decided that “the computer says no” to giving me money for a car. So I have resolved to see it as a favour, and have started making lists of how I might be able to manage all my car-tasks without a car. And it sounds like it could be fun! I’m talking scooters, hiring taxis, borrowing cars, getting a trailer for my bicycle and more. It all sounds good. Queries involve carrying gear around and inclement weather.

Hope you are having a lovely day.

Kind wishes to you,