Hey there lovely readers!

I finalised the RainGirl colour scheme today! Hooray! She will have an orange/yellow dress (with multi colour spots), a washy 2-greys+blue sky and turquoise and black leggings. When she is dry I will scan and upload her for you.
I am also deciding whether to call the print “Girl awaits Rain” (when there are already a few drops), or simply “Rain Girl”. How about “Girl greets first rain” or Girl greets first drops”? Hmm. It’s not the widest of prints, so it will have to be a shortish title!
Still not sure what to do with floaty girl. I have 3 variations of colour-scheme and am thinking none work completely. Will do some more prints, and keep experimenting. It’s a bit like blogging… repeated small chunks of activity gradually build up. (I am hoping).
For now, I am out of paper, and will have to wait until next week to progress. At least soon the first 2 prints off the rank (the RainGirl taxi rank!) shall be dry and ready to colour. Actually, they aren’t as neat as I was hoping, I may have to cut the block a bit deeper in some spots, and re-print. But it has been a very useful trial run.
Next I am keen to get some new designs going. Zebra sleeping? Cat sleeping? SunBoy?

I bought a lovely necklace on Etsy for my Mum for Mothers Day, and just picked it up from the Post Office. It had come from Singapore. Would you like the link? It was from Starrydesigns. The Birds Nest Pendant (Dove (white)). Just for your information, the purchase process was smooth, and delivery was quicker than I thought.

Thanks for reading!